Academic Institutions

Academic institutions are increasingly concerned about student and teachers satisfaction levels. It’s been concluded that motivation is one of the critical influential factors determining a person's success or failure.

Student satisfaction

For a student to be satisfied, and therefore motivated, a series of factors must be considered. Proper academic training and readily available scholastic materials help enhance a student’s growth, development, and further expand their horizons. In order to assess his or her degree of satisfaction - which plays a critical role in his or her academic success or failure - we need to regularly conduct  student satisfaction surveysan encuesta.infonavit.org.mx specialty.

Teacher and Course Assessment

In order to detect potential strengths or weaknesses within the academic field, it is essential for students to  assess the teacher and/or the course. With an well-organized survey regarding the effectiveness of the teacher or a given course, knowledgeable decisions can then be made to improve the educational process.

Teacher Satisfaction

Teaching is one of the primary cornerstones of the educational institution. If a teacher feels at home with the course and comfortable with his or her students, this will have a direct impact on the institution's academic success. encuesta.infonavit.org.mx provides a template which helps to identify instructor  degree of satisfaction.
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